Kirill Kirill
Tuesday, June 3, 2016

Enlighten Yourself about the Various Methods of Hair Extensions 


If you think you know all about hair extensions then you are wrong because online stores and elite hair salons are stuffed with various kinds of hair integrations that are either pure Remy hair textures or blended hair extensions which rather than enhancing cause an extensive damage to the hair and scalp. You will be quite surprised to see the types of hair extensions that are applied by a majority of women to add more length and weight to their hair. Wavy, curly or straight, hair extensions can be applied to any hair textures. To avail professional hair extensions it is utmost necessary to gain a fruitful knowledge about the different types or methods of hair extensions.  

I-Tip or Micro ring hair extensions:

 This is one of the most popular form of hair extensions and which is by far the safest, easiest method to avail shiny long tresses without applying heat or glue. I-tip method is perhaps the only hair-health-oriented extension method that can be affixed very easily to the scalp and hairline with the help of small coloured micro beads which are clamped tightly holding each hair strands so that there is no slippage or shedding. They are so small that they remain intact within the hairline without anyone noticing it. I-Tip method is the favourite option for professionals who consider it as an easy process to affix and remove.  

Hot fusion hair extensions:

 This method also known as keratin hair extensions is widely applied by women folk for its far reaching glossy effect and the fact that it can retain its lustre for along span of time. Since 90% of our hair is composed of keratin this method is applied by melting hair coloured keratin protein around the hair extensions in small bundles. This form of hair extension is widely appreciated for its killer camouflage looks and the fact that it stays intact for a longer duration.  

Tape-In hair extensions:

This type of hair extensions is also very easy to install and more streamlined than ever. This method is quick and speedy which gives a seamless finish in 45 minutes. In tape in extension method strips of double sided tape is affixed to the base of a weft extension and sandwiched by taping it with a second tape-in weft extension. This revolutionary method makes you look gorgeous in no time.  

Clip-in hair extensions:

The faster way to look beautiful is clip-in hair extensions. Initially its application was very restricted to either Full head set or Single Clip (both in 16"lengths). But now the scope has widened as you can avail clip in extensions in three different lengths and a riot of colours.   



If you want to uplift the glamour quotient then nothing can be better than affixing silky bangs that stays on your temple and gives you the stylish look and appeal that you have ever craved for.  Go ahead and enhance your façade by affixing either side or straight bangs.  


We can conclude by stating that no matter what type or kinds of hair extensions you choose the style statement is always multiplied with the affixing of good quality hair extensions. All you need is get hold of an expert hair stylist and follow the tips of hair care management