Kirill Kirill
Tuesday, June 3, 2016

After Care Advice for Hair Extensions


Hi folks, this is Kirill, your friendly hair stylist in London who offers the best hair extension aftercare tips that help manage and maintain your hair in a scientific manner. If you follow my tips religiously, you are sure to have a long, silky and voluptuous hair for years to come and my patented Advanced Micro Bonds is sure to provide you that gorgeous look. Below, I have pointed out some tested, proven and certified hair extension aftercare tips that helps provide a long life to your hair after you have gone for a Micro Ring Hair Extension through my Advanced Micro Bonds technique. Please follow my tips like a ‘Bible’ and I am sure, you are going to have the best quality hair for years to come.


Hair colouring is one such area which is a strict ‘NO’ as it can cause a serious mismatch with the original colour of hair as something going wrong cannot be blamed on the hair extension specialist. Again, you are strictly recommended not to wash your hair fro 2-3 days so as to allow the extension bonds to settle down properly. The hair colouring materials contain certain harmful chemical components and elements that might damage your hair. Therefore, it is advised NOT to colour your hair extensions.


Similarly, when you brush your hair, it is advised, you use an extension brush as they are specially designed so that your extensions do not get entangled and you need to hold the bonds while brushing your hair. This process is applicable when your hair is dry but when it is wet, you are advised to use a wide tooth comb on the hair extensions.


For the first 2-3 days after putting on the extensions, it is always suggested not to wash your hair as it might loosen the advanced micro bonds which holds the extensions. After a week or so, we strictly recommend to wash your hair at least three times a week and before washing, you need to brush your hair thoroughly with a specially designed extension brush for removing knots and tangles. A gentle scalp massage with your fingertips is advised when you shampoo your hair and that too with a high quality conditioner that is especially designed for Remy hair extensions. After you have washed your hair, it is advised to pat rather than rubbing your hair against each other.


Tying your hair gently before sleeping is a good idea to avoid tangles and if you are planning to wash your hair before sleeping, do it at least 2-3 hours in advance before you hit the bed.


Before thinking of drying your hair, detangle it with a wide tooth comb and you must ensure that all the bonds are completely dried. Section your hair in a orderly manner and then blow dry it with a round brush that has soft bristles post which you can use hair straighteners for a smooth and perfect hair finish. You can easily use tongs and heated rollers on your 100% human hair extensions in a manner that is suggested by our hair extension specialists in London.


Only use natural hair products for your natural hair as we would like to help your hair gather all the nutrients from your scalp without damaging the layer. Experienced hair stylists and hair extension specialists would work on your hair in such a manner that they would not damage the keratin of your hair and the hair extensions too would blend perfectly with your original growth. Choose wisely and get that bouncy, smooth and silky look.