Kirill Kirill
Friday, March 24, 2017

Five Reasons to Wear 100% Human Hair Extensions


It is the sparse volume of hair that diminishes the overall appeal and self-confidence of a girl who always wishes to look gorgeous and elegant in heavy, thick and voluptuous tresses. You may be dressed in your stunning designer attire for an evening party, but it is your hair that can act as a spoilsport. Just in case you do not know what to do in the quest to set your record straight, it is suggested that you wear 100% human hair made extensions from the top hair extension salon in your city that do it, the most professional way.  It is advised to visit the top hair styling salons that offers hair extensions in the form of ‘Micro Ring hair extensions’ as well as ‘Advance Microbonds’ which is a patented technique of Kirill, the top London hair stylist who help in achieving thick, long and voluptuous tresses or mane. 


Hair styling experts around the world will always insist on natural extensions and that too from East European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Bulgaria as they are of the finest quality and there are strong reasons to suggest that. In fact, there are five major reasons to go for authentic human hair extensions as sourced from the European nations. Blonde, Black and Brunette, you get them all at the top hair extension salon.

Hair Volume:

An enhancement of hair volume is one of the primary reasons as to why any woman wants to go for professional hair extensions so as to look gorgeous and stunning. Hair volume is one important aspect that is in the mind of each and every girl who wishes to have those long and thick tresses so as to impress upon their friends. A 100% human hair extension or Remy hair extension can surely provide that dazzling and stunning look to a girl or a woman. Natural extensions can go a long way to provide that heavy volume, bounce and shine as girls love to look at their best while they are amongst their friends, colleagues, partners or attending a party. You are bound to get that desired hair volume once you have visited the top hair extension salon that has some of the most experienced hair make-up artists. The extensions add volume, length and life to your hair as this is perhaps its greatest asset, a woman can have. After you have worn an extension, your tresses are bound to look thick, lustrous and gorgeous.


This is another major reason as to why a girl needs to go for extensions from a reputed hair styling clinic so as to look perfect. The Remy human hair extensions contribute immensely in terms of length and thickness that is desired by every single woman.  That should just allow you to create a myriad of hair style. Once you have tried the extension, there is the scope of trying out anything from pony tails to braids. Just consult an expert hair extension professional in UK and go for a stunning look through the help of Advance Micro Bonds which is a patented technique.    


This is another positive aspect of going for extensions from 100% human hair. You would argue that dip dyes and ombre colouring are the hot favorite these days. It allows your hair to sport an intellectual look but there are a few concerns if you intend to colour the hair via this format. We have spoken to people and got an impression that there are issues of hair getting dry or brittle due to bleaching.  It is exactly here when you need to go for colouring the human hair extensions that can provide a soothing look. You can play around with different colours before settling for something, which suits your ambience and style.  


The extensions fit perfectly with your original hair and it can be used as accessories alongside your original hair. Here is an example of what precisely you can do. You can braid a 3 clip weft and that should allow you to make a braid head band, which should perfectly suit you during the summers.

Special occasions:

It is during special occasions and festivities when you like to dress up at your all-time best and look beautiful. You are perhaps planning your favourite evening party gown and here we would like to say that once again, it is the human hair extensions that contribute significantly to your overall looks and appeal. If you intend to sport those dream like voluptuous curls, then this is your best chance to do so. At one such party or social gathering, you would certainly be envied by other women of your age and looked upon by others.

We have mentioned for you five primary reasons as to why you should go for human hair extensions from a renowned hair styling salon in your city. There are plenty more benefits, to offer and you could always try it out for an intellectual and stunning appeal.