Kirill Kirill
Friday, April 28, 2017

An Insight Into Some Valuable Bedtime Hair Care Tips

Bedtime Hair Care

It is surely to add thickness and length to your existing hair that you opted for the extension route. The thin hair was a big negative for you at the social gathering and that is why you were a bit short on confidence. It is here we say that you have taken that right decision to opt for adding human hair to your scalp via the extension route. You are for certain to look gorgeous as you flaunt those thick hair curves, but we would like to say that there is always a need to maintain the extensions. It is just simple that if you maintain and care for additional hair, its longevity is for sure to increase. Therefore, there is certainly a need to give the maintenance factor a careful thought.


If you are seriously pondering over that idea of maintaining extensions, we suggest that your area of focus can always be bedtime hair care. You can certainly sleep with the human hair extension, but for that it is essential to take some precautionary measures. It’s extremely important focus on the extension just prior to bed time because it is at this stage, exhausted hair extension matt quicker leading to problems. Hence, you quickly need to focus on this aspect and we would like to guide on what precisely you need to do at this stage.

We spoke at length to a top professional hair extensions expert and got the impression if the extensions are wet, don’t go for sleep immediately. There is certainly a need to dry them prior to getting into bed. If the need be you can apply heat to your hair to dry it quickly. Now, once it is dry , quickly brush the extensions. The key will be to prevent any build up of tangles, which may have taken place. In fact, we suggest that you get into the deep and look to inspect the roots for sign of such tangle formation. You should look to brush that area extensively to prevent tangle formation.

Now, once you have done that and are in bed, we would like to offer you some valuable tips which come in handy while actually sleeping. Experts say that one could use a silk scarf or a satin pillow case while in sleep mode. You need to avoid friction and silk scarf will help you to just do that. It is a smooth but slippery feel and that helps you to achieve the objective. The use of hair masks are also encouraged by professionals because they help your hair extensions to stay in a proper shape. A better option will always be to secure the hair in a braid/plait and that has plenty of benefits.

The braid actually prevents your hair from moving around and hence there is just no scope for any form of tangles to come up. The braid will also reduce friction and that should help the extensions to stay better. We suggest that early in the morning just remove the braids and then just some minor use of the brush should do the trick here. Your hair is for certain to give out a smooth feel. As a part of your preparations of sleep time hair care, you certainly have to use those conditioners. However, we would like to say that you must look to use a quality conditioner at least once a week. You could even wear a pony tail on the hair extensions at night, but once again just do not forget to brush them thoroughly. These are a few tips on how you could care for added hair just around your bed time.